Back the Southlands Kickstarter: Get Some Lizardfolk Action


Old School Lizardfolk, baby.ADDENDUM: Wooty woot! The goal was reached and they are well on track to hit their next two stretch goals! I’m looking forward to putting together some awesome lizardfolk weirdness for this setting! 

My friend and colleague, the esteemed Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Press, has a Kickstarter coming up on it’s final hours. Southlands focuses on the exotic and mysterious lands of Kobold Press’ Midgard roleplaying game setting and is chock full of pulp Arabian Nights, Indiana Jones and/or the Mummy-esque goodness for your Pathfinder campaign. Did you like Al-Qadim for your old school AD&D campaign (authored mainly by my other colleague, the insanely prolific Jeff Grubb)? This takes everything you loved and ramps it up to the proverbial “one more than ten.”

With just under six hours to go, I’m on track to help write for this bad boy! If the Kickstarter hits $93,000, I’ll introduce the Children of Veles–Lizardfolk with a twist. Sure, they’re reptilian, carnivorous monsters, but they have a PLAN (unlike the bold statement made by the Cylons, they actually have one…).

If the Kickstarter reaches 1,001 backers (sense a theme there?), they’ll include FOUR additional add-ons!

Get out there and back this sucker, folks!! Clicky the linky below:

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